The DUKW Project

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The DUKW Project

The below is the pictoral story of the restoration of the DUKW.  For those of you unfamiliar with what a DUKW is you can click here to be directed to Wikipedia for a description and history.  Enjoy the progress of my project - I will have it updated as I go.  Bruce.

 CLICK FOR WIKIPEDIA (will open a new window)




1. The DUKW arriving at it's new home, Paradise North.

APRIL FOOLS !! DUKW is finished and ready to roll :)

2. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Water Test......

3. Removing the front deck. The side rails and rear deck were removed later.

It Floats !!!!! Yeah Bruce !!!!

4. Where does one begin????

Here we go........ no ropes to pull me back......

5. Bending 1/8" thick steel plate using the bucket loader on the bulldozer.

Lookin' good Bruce !!

6. Rusted steel section removed behind the rear wheel. We are looking from inside the hull out through the bottom.

Was there ever any doubt that he'd get it swimming? Priceless !! Finally a toy Bruce can take on thin ice :)

7. Last major steel repair panel welded in place.

8. Leak checking by duck taping (get it?) a blue tarp over the hull, pressurizing with the discharge from a shop vac, then spraying soapy water on the external surfaces. Guaranteed to float.

9. Cummins diesel engine and transmission being removed from the Blue Bird school bus. (I always had problems with school anyway.)

10. Adapting the new engine to bolt into the DUKW frame.

11. Replacing the bearings and seals in both transfer cases.

12. Removing the original paint and rust. This job was a blast.

13. Installing the frame/transfer case assy down into the hull. This was boring. All the bolt holes had to be drilled/reamed out before the bolts could be installed.

14. The new engine bolted in place. I did start the engine before installing. It sounded great after sitting for nearly a year.